What The Media is saying

"Enjoyed it immensely ... completely believable ... life turned upside down by the high and mighty ... brings home one important point: Those who work in such high-risk surroundings need to be closely watched. Good reading ... I couldn't put it down.

Marilyn Brooks, Medical Editor since 1983, Pittsburgh WTAE-TV Action News

"Science fiction yields to real science ... a horrific impact. THE BLOOD NOTES OF PETER MALLOW pictures the seemingly dry realm of biological research as a fascinating metaphor for the vulnerable human condition ... gripping ..."


"Dr Boor knows of what he writes. That's what makes this book so gripping ... a thrilling, fast-paced tale with intriguing characters, it's a story that really could happen."

? Jordan Rich, WBZ News Radio 1030, Boston

"Scary, because it's told from the inside. A great concept, full of drama - - - and what an ending!"

Roger Corman, Filmmaker

?...skillfully transports the reader to the daily inner workings of the much-feared and mysterious subjects of viruses and bio-attacks.... an energetic novel for both medical and nonmedical world.?


"...holds the attention of every reader with the fatalism of a terrible traffic accident unfolding in slow motion. A real pressure-cooker of a suspense novel with a realistic thesis that is, frighteningly, all too possible."


"Started reading it on a flight to visit my daughter in D.C. and couldn?t wait to get back to it. Read it in 24 hours. Lots of stress. You can make a country song out of it - it's got everything. A great book.?

Tedd Dumas, "Open Line" talk show, KWLV 107.1 FM, East Texas and Louisiana

"I was fascinated with the 'bio bug' part of the book, but absolutely loved the characters. Mallow pedaling his bike around Galveston (when he's had a few pints) has a very sexy kind of kinkiness to him. Brenda: real, warm, sensitive yet spunky."

Trish Stevens, ASCOT Media

"Toward the end, I was wishing I could stretch the book out; I was so into the characters and the story. I didn't want it to end. I REALLY want there to be a sequel."

Lin Aquilar, publicist, Chicago