What Scientists and Experts say

?With a vivid imagination and a great sense of humor, Boor entertains and illuminates some of the issues facing science and medicine today. I highly recommend this book; you will love the personalities as they try to control their destinies (and ours).?

C.J. Peters, M.D., scientist, Chief of the U.S. army unit that battled Ebola virus in THE HOT ZONE, former Chief of Special Pathogens at the CDC, author of VIRUS HUNTER, Director for Biodefense, Galveston

"...captures the excitement of basic research, as well as the politics, funding frustrations and drudgery. Importantly, it also exposes the fact that we research scientists are human, with many of the flaws the species bears."

Thomas R. Jerrells, Ph.D., Scientist/Professor of Pathology and Microbiology, Omaha

"A fascinating page-turner that takes the reader on a journey to the darker side of human nature? captures the ambiance and character of the island quite accurately."

Kimberly Schuenke, Ph.D, Program Administrator, Western Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases Research, Galveston

"I couldn't put it down. The protagonist-scientist and troublemaker-student were developed to a "T" and perfectly believable. I appreciated the life-history events which had shaped them. Kudos for giving us a "real" ending. Totally satisfying."

Margaret M. Canavan, Ph.D., Clinical Psychotherapist

"...remarkable, overflowing with suspense. A scientist?s journey as a lover, family man, and mentor. A story unlike one you have ever read, a must read for all, as it could happen today, if not today, then tomorrow. Eloquent and methodically thought-out."

Doug Watts, Ph.D., virologist, previously of U.S. Army Medical Research Institute, Frederick, Maryland & World Health Organization

"This book is based on an exciting and quite plausible concept. I tried to put it down and get on with my life, but I failed."

Charles H. Calisher, Ph.D, Arthropod-borne and Infectious Diseases Lab, Fort Collins, Colorado

"This book should be "required" reading for students in the health fields. There?s authenticity without distracting from a thrilling plot, vivid portraits of island life, a colorful cast and a dangerous balance between brilliance and madness."

Brian Gilmer, medical student