What Readers say

"Squarely in the biomedical thriller genre pioneered by Michael Crichton, BLOOD NOTES paints a chilling scenario. Think mutating Asian bird flu, SARS, ebola, and the flu pandemic of 1918. Truth is scarier than fiction; let?s hope this isn?t the future."

Tim Thompson, Independent Bookseller

"Read it while lecturing in New Zealand. I had already removed most of my ?private? stuff (photos of former girlfriends, eHarmony/Match.com matches...stuff like Mallow?s) from the file drawer of my office ? but I think I better double-check now!!

Anonymous University Professor

"Where else but Galveston can one envision one of the highest tech research centers in the middle of a funky island filled with seedy characters and hurricanes rattling the windows of century-old houses? This is a book you'll read, and then pass on.?

? C. C. Barnhart, AMAZON Reader

"What a wonderful read! A mystery, tied to science ? I was a zoology major and BLOOD NOTES has just enough?. Keeps you wondering, fast paced, and relevant!"

Rabbi Jimmy Kessler, Chairman, Community Liasion Committee, Galveston National Laboratory

"If you like Biothrillers, then this book is a must read! I initially bought the book for my wife; but as a medical student, I couldn't resist the allure of Peter Mallow's ill-fated research lab."

Chris York, medical student

"A must read for anyone interested in the inner workings of these government-funded virus labs."

Ellen Lively Steele, Former New Mexico State Senator

?This is a great quick read. The plot moves along and Dr. Boor does so without every chapter having to end in some cliche'd cliffhanger. The characters are realistic, their dialogue is not forced, and the setting is ideal.


"The diary style keeps you on the edge of your seat. My only disappointment with this fast-reading novel was just that, it was a fast, intense read. I wanted the story to continue... but, perhaps it will if Dr. Boor ever decides to write a sequel!"

Anonymous medical student